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How to Start a New Slug Line
How is a new line started? Well, I wouldn't say it's hard work, but it does take some commitment from at least one person (or hopefully a few).  Usually, someone like yourself takes the initiative to start a line because they know a lot of drivers or slugs who have asked "why doesn't the commuter lot closer to where we live have slugging?".  The answer is probably because nobody has tried to start a line in that location. It's that simple.  The potential for slugging exists in virtually any commuter lot where bus service is available.  The key ingredients as you will read later are: 1) a parking area,  2) some sort of backup transportation (i.e. bus, rail, or metro) , and 3) slugs/drivers.  But how is it done?  Read below and understand that there's no "easy" way to start a line but Slug-Lines.com will help in any way we can to promote your efforts!!  Good luck.

Lines started from an existing line: this is the easiest. Many slugs have simply taken small signs to the slug line to announce their destination.  Once  drivers realize they can get a slug for that location each day, the word speads and eventually a new line develops. 

Lines started from scratch: this takes some work and dedication but it is worth it.

1) Pick a location. Its best to have an actual commuter parking lot for a slug location into the city. There are some lines that operate in unoccupied parking areas in a mall but sometimes the owners object. Others operate with permission from the owners until they realize just how many slugs/drivers there are and sometimes they withdraw the permissions. And finally, some use street or curb parking but this doesn't allow for much growth. So, it is better to use a free commuter lot if at all possible to avoid problems. 

2) Co-locate with Bus/Metro/Rail stop. Slugs need the safety net of another form of transportation (i.e.the bus, metro, rail).  Sometimes people want to leave to/from work outside of normal slugging hours; the bus or metro gives them that flexibility.  Others simply like to slug in the morning and bus home.  However its done, a backup form of transportation at the slug line is best.  Since commuter lots have bus stops that makes it an easy choice. 

3) Develop a flyer that gives all the details of a) new location with map, b) new destination c) date you are going to start the new line.

4) Spread the word by starting early. Then make a big push the final few days.

5) Harness the efforts of other drivers/sluggers interested in the new location and get them to help distribute your flyer. 

6) Consider making a poster board sign to place at the new location on the day of the event reminding drivers/slugs. 

A lot depends on the participation the very first day. If there isn't an adequate mix of drivers or slugs then it will never get off the ground.

It will work! A lady started the Rosslyn line in much the same way. I know, because I use to slug to the Pentagon then catch the Metro to Rosslyn and the reverse each day. It was great when the Rosslyn connection started. 

I will forward your email to the local government commuter services offices notifying them of a potential new line.

I will help you in any way I can.



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