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From site: http://warner.senate.gov/slugs.htm

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                    CONTACT: Carter Cornick
January 22, 1999                                                PHONE: 202-224-6290
Warner Supports Pentagon "Slug Lines" 

Senator John Warner today expressed concerns about reports that the Pentagon's Defense Protective Service is disrupting a routine commuting practice of forming unplanned car pools in the Pentagon's parking lot. 

"I have contacted appropriate officials at the Pentagon and requested an immediate response to this situation," said Warner. "At a time when the region is preparing for unprecedented construction on our major roadways, we should be facilitating -- not discouraging -- these private, creative solutions to reducing gridlock." "I intend to be sure that the Pentagon recognizes the important service that these "slug lines" provide to the commuting public." 

"This common practice of forming "slug lines" has proven to be an effective and convenient means of car pooling in the northern Virginia region," said Warner. "I am confident that cooperation between Pentagon officials and the commuters will ensure that there is a safe environment and an efficient flow of traffic in the parking lot." 



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