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Slug-Lines.com - Slugging and Slug Lines Information For Washington DC
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Speeding Up The Slug Lines
Written by 9 News
Last Updated: 4/21/2004 12:52:05 PM

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Hundreds of people line up every morning to get to work. But they aren't waiting for a bus or the Metro - they're grabbing a ride with drivers who are often complete strangers. Slug Lines have been around quite a while. Sluglines.com traces the roots of "instant commuting" to 1971 - when the first HOV lanes were built - between Northern Virginia, and the District.

Slug Lines are supposed to speed up the commuting process. The ride share program puts fewer cars on the road and helps solo drivers qualify for HOV lanes. But in one suburban county, a certain slug line was actually causing some major traffic tie-ups.

Wednesday morning commuters in Woodbridge made a few changes in the way they do things with the hopes of clearing up congestion on Telegraph Road.

Jan Fox has been monitoring the progress in Woodbridge. Click related video to see her report.


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