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Slug-Lines.com - Slugging and Slug Lines Information For Washington DC
0 Slug-Lines.com - Slugging and Slug Lines Information For Washington DC

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Location: Along the southeast side of the Pentagon, near the intersection of Fern Street in the South Parking Area and in the far eastern parking area off of South Rotary Road.

Description:  The Pentagon has slug lines, one for each of the main slugging areas.  Please see the map for exact locations for each of the slug lines.

Update: To get the latest information from 395 Express Lanes on impacts to the Pentagon please see the forum.
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Beginning Monday, July 23 and through the duration of the Eads Street construction, two slug stations, 610 Mine Road and 610 Stafford, were temporarily relocated to North Rotary Road to alleviate traffic congestion along Eads Street, South Rotary Road and Fern Street.

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 Driving Directions

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Pentagon Slug Line

Need a Sign to Carry When Slugging?Pentagon Slug Lines

Destinations: All areas.

Best Hours: 3:00 - 6:00 p.m. Best place to pick up slugs during the entire time the HOV is restricted.

Drivers: Simply pull up to your slug line and call out how many slugs and your destination.

Dropping Off: Dropping off slugs is now located between corridors 2 and 3.

Parking: Permit only, reserved at all times to include the new carpool permits. Some meter parking along Fern Street and Army Drive south of I-395.

Metro Station: Pentagon Station, .5 blocks north (Blue and Yellow lines).

Metrobus routes serving this station: 7A, B, C, D, E, F, H, P, W, X
8S, W, X, Z
9A, E,
10A, E,
13A, B, F, G
16A, B, C, D, E, F, G, J
16S, U, W, X
17A, B, F, M
17G, H, K, L
18E, F
18G, H, J
21A, B, C, D, F
22A, B, C, F
24M, P
25A, F, G, J, P, R
28F, G
29C, E, G, H, X

Bus: OmniRide, Fairfax Connector, MetroBus, and Alexandria’s DASH.

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